Tuesday, April 30, 2013

A Moment in the Sun (And a Rescue Story)

Life is hectic right now, with less than two weeks until the opening of a show I'm designing and less than a month until the end of the semester. But yesterday afternoon, with the sun streaming in through the sliding doors, I had the rare opportunity of an adorable photogenic cat. (Normally she hates the sound of the camera, but she was practically hamming it up yesterday!)

Meet Fleck, my beautiful rescue cat.

Back when I was in high school, my family became involved with cat rescue. It all started one winter night when my little sister heard meowing from a neighbor's roof...there were three tiny kittens stuck in the gutter up there! We got them down, warmed them up, bottle-fed them until they were weaned, and eventually found them their "Forever Homes" through a local pet rescue group.

In the almost ten years since, my family has fostered many kittens, most of which have found their Forever Homes through adoption showcases around the community.

Fleck and her brother Stripe decided that they already had their Forever Home, though, and didn't need to go to showcase! The loving cats they were at home became grumpy lumps of fur around strangers. Well, one thing led to another, Fleck became inseparable from me, and suddenly I had a cat while I was in college!
(My parents ended up officially adopting Stripe too, so brother and sister still see each other)

It's been almost six years now since I officially adopted Fleck (7 since she came into my life as a foster kitten) and I'm grateful every day to have this loving furball in my life.

She still hates strangers, but around Sean and me she is the sweetest thing to come home to after a day at school or work!

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