Friday, May 17, 2013

A Friday at Home...

Finally, a Friday night at home.

It's been too long, between school and rehearsals for "Sonia Flew". But the show opened last weekend, which means my job is done until the end of the run, when its time to strike the set and return the borrowed furniture and props. Until then, I just have one more class project to finish, and a model and drafting for "The Unmentionables" to present...but after next Thursday I'm done for the semester.

Next Thursday I can begin preparing for my internship with a set designer in the city this summer.

Next Thursday I can turn the living room back into the living room, rather than the flat-surface-covered-with-lighting-design-books that it currently is...because the office is covered with set models.

Next Thursday I can create my plan of attack for FINALLY finishing the touch up paint in the house...a project that's been sitting around since we moved in last summer.

But for now, a nice Friday night at home with the husband. Cupcakes and BBQ chicken sandwiches for dinner (yes I ate mine in that's been a long semester) and Star Trek. We're watching the first of the JJ Abrams reboot tonight, in preparation for seeing "Into Darkness" with my parents tomorrow. A well deserved break before the last stretch of projects.

I love this guy.

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