Thursday, March 31, 2016

Welcome Kathryn, Clara and Kaylee!

We've been planning to get chickens for a while now, and we finally did it! We have coop plans in the review process with the HOA (more on those details later) and a brooder with three chicks in the guest bathroom. Say hello to the new additions to our family:

We got two Araucanas (also known as Easter Eggers) and one Welsummer. They were supposed to be about a week old when I brought them home on Monday, but we're pretty sure the Welsummer is at least a couple days younger than the Araucanas because she is so much smaller and her feathers aren't as developed yet.

A while back Sean and I decided that if/when we got chickens, we were going to name them after strong science fiction female characters whose names start with a "k" sound.

This is one of the Araucanas. She quickly asserted herself as the dominant chick, so she is Captain Kathryn Janeway (Star Trek Voyager).

The other Araucana. She is named Clara Oswin Oswald (Doctor Who). She's already proving herself a handful, loves to try to fly whenever I'm cleaning the brooder and wants to be in the middle of all action.

This is the Welsummer, Kaylee Frye (Firefly). She's a sweetie and loves following Kathryn around.

Surprisingly, Fleck has adapted to the new residents fairly well. The first day she was a little freaked out by all the cheeping, but the second day she hung out on the guest bed most of the day listening to them. We have a baby gate up between the guest bath and the guest room, so she couldn't get in. I also closed the bathroom door if I couldn't be in the room with the animals. I don't think Fleck would do anything, but she is a cat so I don't trust her completely with my chicks.

The chicks are so much fun to watch! I'm looking forward to the weather warming up so we can get our coop built and move the girls outside. I'll try to post somewhat regularly about the chickens, it shouldn't be too hard with all the pictures I'm taking of them!


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Monday, March 14, 2016

Weekly Meal Plan 3.13.16

It's been busy here, so my meal planning has been a little haphazard. Even this week, I have two meetings at 6 pm, meaning I take dinner with me and Sean eats leftovers. But, I'm trying a new produce delivery box (it's similar to the CSA we were part of back in California, where it's a biweekly thing and I can cancel or reschedule delivery, not the traditional CSA model -- I'll talk about it when I've eaten more of the food so I have an opinion!) so I'm working on meal planning for the week even if it is a slightly crazy one!

Here's what we're planning to eat this week:

Sunday: leftovers

Monday: dinner at rehearsal, leftovers for Sean

Tuesday: slow cooker pasta fagioli

Wednesday: leftovers

Thursday: whole chicken and beet greens with bacon

Friday: chicken salad

Saturday: beet pesto pizza

Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Newly Opened Etsy Shop!

I've been on a major crafting roll lately, so I decided to open up an Etsy shop. HERE Sean helped me come up with the name "To Boldly Craft" since I have also been inspired by Princess Awesome and other crafters who make fantastically nerdy things for girls, for all kids, and for adults.

Living Design To Boldly Craft Etsy knit baby sweater
I have both this sweater and this hat listed right now

I imagine it will be fairly eclectic as my listings grow, as I love trying out new techniques all the time. But right now it has a number of knitted baby projects, since that's been my main stress buster lately. I've also made up some pot holders using leftover fabric from Sean's Dalek Dice Bag, and those amazing rocket ship baby gifts from last summer. Because everyone needs a little space nerd in the kitchen, right?

I'll still post some of my crafts here, and I promise not to post links to the shop too often, since that isn't what this blog is about. But I'm excited to be able to (hopefully) continuously fund my crafty hobby!