Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Spring is in the Air!

Spring is here, which unfortunately for this theatre grad student means lots of work and little play. But while waiting for glue and paint to dry on models, I do get a little time to decorate the house with bits of spring. Here are a few photos of the console table in the living room.

The nasturtium on the balcony is overflowing with flowers right now, so I picked enough to fill this teacup with them.

I love how the yellow and orange of the nasturtiums pick up the colors in the oil still life behind it.

The console table is typically my decorating oasis -- it's one of the few surfaces that the husband knows not to put stuff down on (the other important one being my drafting table!) So, despite the chaos of school and work, this table is always a nice, calming surface with things that make me happy. You can see some of the chaos below and next to the table, but not on top!

Some of the different pieces on the table right now:
-oil still life, painted by my aunt when she was a kid. This used to hang in my grandparents' house, and now I have it.
-otter painting, by me. This might find a new home in the office, since the colors would work well in there. But for now it sits in the living room, adding cuteness!
-photo box with fun family photo from my wedding. The box itself was a wedding present from some friends.
-purple candle, from my mother-in-law (purple is my favorite color)
-small jar with amethyst: I used to collect rocks, and I've been working on using that collection in my decorating
-jar with sea glass and white shell: the sea glass in here comes from all over the world, from Santa Cruz to Rimini, Italy!
-vase: This has a great story! Our first Valentine's Day, Sean brought me a dozen roses. But, living in the dorms, I didn't have a vase! Luckily my amazing roommate did, but I had Sean promise me that the next time he bought me flowers he would buy me a vase. And so he did!

I love having a place in the home to display things I love, especially those that bring up wonderful memories. And by incorporating the seasons into this display, the table can constantly tell a new story.

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