Sunday, April 13, 2014

Weekly Meal Plan 4.13.14

Happy Passover!

The holiday to commemorate Moses taking the Israelites out of Egypt is celebrated by a week in which we eat no leavened bread. As a kid, this sometimes seemed like a hardship because there were no sandwiches for lunch, and I couldn't eat any of the Easter candy my friends would bring to school (since Easter often occurs during Passover). As an adult, however, Passover has become one of my favorite holidays because it is full of delicious food we eat only once a year. There are the traditional foods, like charosets and gefilte fish, and then there are family traditions like spinach cheese balls! All of it is wonderful and extra special because it only happens once a year.

And without further ado, here is this week's menu.

Sunday: eat up the last of the leftovers!

Monday: Passover Seder at my parents' house

Tuesday: potato quiche (from Design Megillah last year - loved this one!)

Wednesday: Passover beet salad & leftover lamb from Seder

Thursday: leftovers

Friday: cheese soufflé and salad (using matzah cake meal in place of the flour for the soufflé)

Saturday: spinach cheese balls

Living Design Passover Meal Plan
my artsy picture of spinach cheese balls from last year

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