Monday, April 7, 2014

Thesis. Time for a Hiatus

No sooner do I come up with a great idea for my Conservation Monday series, which would combine my passions for design/decor and the earth, than thesis work becomes an all consuming force.

In an effort to help me focus during these last two months of grad school, I'm going to take a temporary hiatus from blogging.

I plan to still post my weekly meal plans, because I have found that they help with my kitchen accountability. If I told the internet that I'm cooking X tonight, I better cook it, right? Silly maybe, but it's helped us with our food waste and budget so I can't argue.

But aside from weekly meal plans, and perhaps the occasional photo dump, I will probably not be posting anything until Memorial Day. Graduation is in sight, and during the summer I will be back!

Living Design
some tulips from the farmer's market last week - a lovely bit of spring

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