Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Breakfast Nook Coffee Center

When we first saw our house, we were blown away by how much counter space was in the island. Finally, a kitchen that we could both work in, and talk to guests at the same time!

It wasn't until we were unpacking all of our small appliances that we realized there really wasn't that much space for those things we use most often: the toaster and coffee maker. Plus we were hoping to get an electric kettle to make staying hydrated in the cold months easier. Where would we keep the coffee pot?

We decided to get a small sideboard to create a little coffee bar in the breakfast nook. It took months of searching to find something that was attractive, the right size, had closed storage (vs open storage, since the cat's bowls are next to it and we wanted to stash our teas and such there) AND was a reasonable price.

Well, we finally found something, and I now present our coffee cart!

You can see the light switches above the cart that forced me to rule out anything with a hutch top. And trust me, there were a lot of nice looking pieces that ha hutch tops that just won't work on this wall.

Among other things I love about the one we bought: the stainless steel top! No worries about staining a wood surface if you forget to wipe up that one drip of coffee early in the morning.

It does have some open storage, so I can display our teapot, but the cabinet doors are perfect for hiding the coffee grinder, extra mugs, and our tea collection!

Now I can't wait to get this room painted, and maybe hang some art above the cart. It's great to have these rooms coming together!

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