Monday, October 14, 2013

A Month of Small Fixes: Organized Recipes

Last summer, Kate at Centsational Girl had a post about taking her huge collection of magazines and pasting the dog eared pages into bound sketchbooks, so as to save only the meaningful images and articles and declutter the rest. It sounded like a great idea -- I'm a magazine hoarder too! And like all great ideas, it got filed away in my brain...and the magazines kept piling up.

But this summer with Sean wanting to cook more, he kept coming to me and asking if we had a good recipe for this or that, and I just knew there was one somewhere on that shelf where all the cooking magazines are...But who wants to thumb through the recipe index at the back of each magazine on an entire shelf? So, I finally decided to tear out the recipes we want to try and organize them into books.

I started with just three books, though I know I'll need at least three more! I got white canvas covered sketchbooks from Michael's (actually the same ones Kate used for her project, though I didn't know it until I went back to her article when writing this post!) One has breakfast recipes, one has desserts and one has slow cooker recipes.

Living Design: Organized Recipe Books

Living Design: Organized Recipe Books

For pages that had recipes I want to keep on both sides, I just hand copied the recipe onto the page. Minimizing the extra paper glued into the book helps keep it flat.

I'm very happy with how these books turned out, and I can't wait to use a coupon to get more sketchbooks -- I'm thinking one for vegetables, one for main dishes...

Do you have any tricks to organizing recipes from magazines? I'd love to hear your ideas!

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