Monday, October 7, 2013

A Month of Small Fixes: Kitchen Light

The next mini project in our "Month of Small Fixes" series took very little time, and cost only about $4! I can't believe it took a year to get around to this one...

When we first moved into our condo, the ceiling fan in the kitchen had an exposed CFL bulb and was missing whatever cover it originally had. We put getting a new globe for it on our to-do list, but somehow every time we went to the hardware store we never made it to the right aisle to pick one out. It looked like this for over a year:

Well, in a spree of taking care of the little things around the house, I finally picked up a new globe. It's not completely perfect (anything that fits around a light bulb makes the cords bend around it...makes me wonder what originally was there) but it's certainly an improvement over a bare bulb!

What a difference this simple globe makes!

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