Tuesday, March 26, 2013

The Dining Room

The first room of my home that I'm revealing to the world is the dining room. Here's a "before" picture:

And here we have it "after":

Not a lot of changes between the two, mostly just tidying up and minimizing the clutter. I did also have some fun setting the table for the staged photo!

Here are some more images:

My goldfish plant sits in the corner. It adds some life and green to the dining room (as if green walls weren't enough!) I first got this plant in 2007 when one of my 2nd year architecture studios required that we each keep a plant alive on our desks for the quarter. Somehow, this plant not only lasted that quarter, but also through about five moves, cats chewing on it, irregular watering...this plant is definitely a survivor!

And here are some vignettes of the bookshelf:

And that's the dining room! Simple but functional for two humans and a cat.

Now on to the next room that needs to get organized and decorated for it's internet revelation!

I'm linking up to One Project at a Time on A Bowl Full of Lemons. Go check it out!

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