Thursday, March 19, 2015

Laundry Room Updates

I've been doing theater work again, so the house progress slowed a little over the last few months. But with the warmer weather I have been feeling that itch to keep painting and putting my own stamp on the house! While we were out doing errands last weekend we popped into Cost Plus, and as always I had to look at all the pretty things. I found some knobs that gave me the push I needed to start working on the laundry room to give it a new, fresh look. Here's what it looks like right now:

Living Design Laundry Room Updates

There are so many different shades of tan/beige in this house! We have extra paint from my office, so I'll be using that nice pale blue-grey to give the laundry room a clean, crisp feeling. I also want to get all of my cleaning supplies a bit more organized; the actual cleaners and such go in one of those upper cabinets, but the Swiffer and mop don't really want to just lean in the corner there!

Back to the knobs. The cabinets had these shiny brass knobs:

Living Design Laundry Room Updates

There's nothing necessarily wrong with them, but I'm not a fan of the shiny brass and it wouldn't look as good with the blue-grey. So when I saw these cool glass knobs with little bubbles, I thought they were perfect for a laundry room!

Living Design Laundry Room Updates

They dress up the cabinets a bit, and I think the bubbles are a bit whimsical for a laundry room without being something too trendy or over-the-top.

I can't wait to keep working on this room and making it more personal and functional for us!

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