Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Creating my Home Office

One of the first big tasks on my list for the new home was getting my home office up and running. If you remember, it looked like this when we first moved in:

The walls were covered in a beige stripe wallpaper. It wasn't a bad paper, but it was peeling in a few places and since I knew I would need to be putting in a lot of screws and screw anchors (my pegboard alone needs 6) I decided that to do things right we should take down the paper.

So, on the Monday before my parents arrived, I started peeling the wallpaper.

I used a spray product called Dif, which was recommended by the employees at our good local paint store. Most of the wallpaper came off pretty easily, since it turned out the wall was completely textured underneath. I did have to work hard at the seams, where the paste seemed to be strongest, but overall it wasn't a bad project.

When the wallpaper was stripped, it was clear that the ceiling was actually a beige, not white. Since I planned to paint the walls a blue-gray, I had to paint the ceiling. So, I spent the next two days painting the ceiling, patching and painting trim, and finally painting the walls.

After three long days of working in this room, I got a smidge jealous of certain home bloggers whose husbands help with the painting -- I did all of this while Sean was at work! And my back and shoulders sure felt it.

Finally, with some help from my dad to hang the shelves and pegboard, here is what I'm working in:

There is still plenty of work to do in here, but at least now I can comfortably work at both the computer and the drafting table, and I can start unloading all those boxes of office books!


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